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About Byron Reed Company

Byron ReedByron Reed Company was founded in 1856 by Mr. Byron Reed, an Ohio native who came to Nebraska in the 1800’s as a pioneer. He was a surveyor, abstractor and land developer and created many of the subdivisions here today. He also performed the original survey for the City of Omaha before opening the first real estate office in the State.

Byron Reed Company today is led by R. Michael Alt who serves as President. Alt began his career with the company as a Property Manager in 1989. Today the company specializes in property management and investment and the current portfolio consists of numerous apartments, warehouses, office buildings, and commercial strip centers throughout the Omaha metro area. It also provides management services for townhome and condominium associations.

In a paper to the State Historical Society on January 12, 1892, William Beckett said:

“In his method and manner of working, Byron Reed was an example which it were profitable for any man to study. Accuracy, thoroughness, patient application of means to ends; in these he put his trust. All his dealings were marked by exactness and attention to detail. No point was overlooked, no contingency was left unprovided for. To live worthily and obtain a good name among the men of his time was his highest ambition.”

We are proud of our history and maintain the philosophy of exactness and attention to detail Byron Reed established 150 years ago.

R. Michael Alt

R. Michael Alt, CPM, President

Phone: 402 342-8100


Nicki Thielen, Executive Vice President

Phone: 402 342-8100

Chantelle Smith

Chantelle Smith, Property Manager

Blaine Stratton

Blaine Stratton, Property Manager